The Beginning.

As Jesus was growing up in Israel, He saw what the people went through. Every young person wants to change the world. Some accomplish it. Some don’t. But the drive is there. Jesus graduated from the yeshiva in Nazareth. He was hopeful that His ministry would be successful. As He began to preach, then as now, some people are not ready to change. Jesus wasn’t going to compromise the message of the gospel. He found out in a hurry how strongly people resist change. The first time He preached, they wanted to throw Him off a cliff. But there were people who believed. He went to Capernaum preaching, they began plotting to kill Him. Jesus knew He needed help. So, He called aside into the mountains, His chosen for the ministry. Jesus chose the leaders of the church. It was an odd assortment of people. From blue collar workers to professional people. And one was a thief and terrorist, Judas Iscariot, the zealot. God calls everyone to come home. It was the end of the beginning.

Crain Blanchard.

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