The Next Day.

Jesus and the disciples were in the mountains for several reasons. One was to call the 12 into the ministry. This assortment didn’t really understand what it was all about. But that’s how everyone starts. We have to learn and sometimes on the fly. The religious leaders were beginning to plot against Jesus. But teaching the 12 would take 3 years of work. Jesus could have gone to the cross right then. He said it Himself, it’s not the right time. No one was going to change what God had planned. So the religious leaders followed Jesus around. As you read the bible, you will see people asking Jesus questions to trap Him in His own words. But it never happened. He always told them the truth in love. Many of the religious leaders became believers. The head of His school in Nazareth, Gamaliel became a believer. Many people were healed and delivered by Jesus. Then Jesus gave the disciples the time and opportunity to pray for people. It is the same today. Jesus gives us the time and opportunity with the power of God to pray for people. Just like the disciples, we can rejoice at the victories against our enemy.

Crain Blanchard.

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