The Beginning of Sorrows.

Jesus and the disciples were in Jerusalem. They were looking at the temple. Jesus told them that not one stone of the temple would remain. Later on the mount of Olives, Peter, James, John and Andrew asked Jesus when this would happen. Jesus began to explain what will happen. They became anxious. Jesus said it was the beginning of sorrows. Jesus had been teaching his disciples, which we are as followers, about seeking God and living in the kingdom. God had John write revalations to explain about the end. But isn’t what God wants us to think about. God wants us to walk each day seeking Him and living each day in the kingdom. Things are going to happen because it is God’s plan. But you aren’t to be concerned about that. We are to work the works of God for the people in front of us. We aren’t to be caught unaware if the thief comes in the night. But Seek ye first and His righteousness and all shall be added to you.

Crain Blanchard.

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