God’s Compassion.

When Jesus chose the 12 disciples, one was the leader of the church and another one betrayed Him to death. And both betrayed Him. But Jesus chose them anyway. The name of Judas is a curse word in Christianity. But Peter sinned the same as Judas. But Peter went out from the high priest home crying, seeking repentance. Judas went out counting his money. Judas realized what he had done. But he didn’t believe the God would forgive him. Peter knew that God could and would forgive him. Peter sought God for repentance until Jesus appeared to him after He rose from dead and forgave him. Jesus forgave him because he sought God. By that time Judas had hung himself. Judas didn’t believe what Jesus taught him. Jesus called everyone to come. Some believed and some didn’t. So what are you going to choose?

Crain Blanchard.



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