Kept the good wine until now.

Jesus and His mother, family and disciples went to Capernaum for a family wedding. As the bride prepared herself, the bridegroom was at the party with family and friends. They serve food and drink. Sometimes this party last for days. If the family runs out of food or drinks, it is a dishonor to the family. They ran out of wine. There were a lot of people. Mary went to Jesus and asked Him to do something. Jesus said to His mother, it’s not time for me to start. Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus said. There were 6 water pots. Jesus said to fill them and take a ladle’s worth to the head steward. It was changed into wine. They were amazed why the bridegroom waited to serve his best wine last. 6 is the number of man and wine is the Holy Spirit. It is the transformation we go through. The steward said, why have you kept the good wine until now. So was the first miracle of Jesus.

Crain Blanchard.

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