Except God be with Him.

A simple statement of faith. In Nicodemus’s case, in John 3, it is a profession of faith. The religious leaders of the day sent Nicodemus, one he was willing and he believed, to Jesus. Sometimes you will find faith in the most unusual place. Nicodemus, a wealthy man and religious leader, was in the middle of the controversy surrounding Jesus. Do you know who else was a believer, Gamelial, Jesus’s professor at Jewish school. When you look at the bible and see people saying things, it is not by accident. God put exact what He wanted to say in the bible. Jesus had two other conversations with Nicodemus, one was how to be born again in the kingdom and to bury Jesus. Our lives are not our own. God is in charge of our lives, even if you don’t believe. But believe this, no one with make it to heaven except God be with him.

Crain Blanchard.



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