Believing is how You See.

Jesus and the disciples went to Jerusalem for the feast of passover. They camped out on the mount of olives. It was beautiful in Jerusalem at that time. They were in-and-out of the temple everyday. Jesus was teaching every day. The religious leaders had already wanted to kill Jesus but now they will listening carefully as he spoke in the temple. Jesus said that he was sent by God to do the things that God wanted him to do. The religious leaders now had something against Jesus saying that he was equal to God. Jesus began to teach and tell them that he couldn’t do anything except the father sent him. And what he saw the father do, he does. Then he spoke to the religious leaders directly. Jesus said you believe that you have life because you’re the sons of Abraham and you have the scriptures. What he said that Moses testifies against you because you don’t believe him. God sent many people (prophets) to you and you did not believe. Jesus said the only way that you’re going to be able to see is to believe.

Crain Blanchard.

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