The call to work.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God cursed the earth. It didn’t produce food like before. Now, Adam had to work to eat. God said in Ecclesiastes that the satisfaction we get from work is a gift from God. Jesus and the disciples were in Jerusalem for a feast day. Near the pool of Bethesda, Jesus found a man lying on a bed. He asked the man if he wanted to be healed. Then healed him. This was on the sabbath. The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus because He did this on the sabbath. Jesus told them that He must be about His Father’s work. They wanted to kill Him even more, because He said He was equal to God. The call to work in the kingdom of God is out there. God has been calling for a long time. The work is there. God said lift up your eyes and see the harvest is ready now. It is time to begin no matter where you are in life. Your age has nothing to do with the work. Answer the call and begin now.

Crain Blanchard.

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