Hard Sayings.

After Jesus fled the 5000, He crossed the sea of Galilee. The people who wanted more from Jesus found Him in Capernaum. He taught in the synagogue on the bread of life. Jesus said, He was the living bread (manna) that came from heaven. And if any man will eat this bread will have everlasting life. That caused an uproar in the synagogue. Even most of His disciples left because of that saying. They were thinking physical, not spiritual. Jesus turned to the 12 disciples an asked them if they were going to leave. Peter said, thou art the Christ, where shall we go? Hard sayings are all through the bible and God wants us the believe and trust. But babies couldn’t eat the strong meat. Only, those who have grown in the faith and trust God in all situations. Because there is a great falling away coming. An only those who have prepared against that day will survive.

Crain Blanchard.



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