The Time is now come.

When Jesus was teaching in the temple, He spoke the truth and answered many questions. Many who understood became angry and wanted to stone Jesus. Other just believed. With Jesus there is no middle ground. If what you believe doesn’t line up with what Jesus says, 2 things will happen. You will either accept the truth and believe or you will accept the truth and get angry. If you get angry, you understand what Jesus is saying, but don’t want to give up your life for His. There is no middle ground. The religious leaders of Jesus’s day understood what He was saying. They weren’t willing to give up their lives for God’s. So they put Him to death. What they thought was if He wasn’t around, His movement would die. Jesus’s teacher, Gamaliel said to the religious leaders, be careful because you may end up fighting God. This is exactly what happened. The time is now come and now is for the return of Jesus Christ.

Crain Blanchard.

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