As Jesus walked into history.

We have the the perspective of history to look at Jesus’s life. The people of the first century heard Jesus for the first time. Everyone had their own beliefs. But Jesus told them the truth of God’s word. Then they had to deal with which was right. The religious leaders understood what Jesus was saying. But because of their positions and power, they wanted to kill Jesus so them wouldn’t have to deal with the truth. Every time Jesus said I am in the English language, it doesn’t mean anything to us. When He said it in Hebrew, it is the name of God, I am who I am. It’s the unspeakable name of God (Jehovah). Jesus said He was equal to God. They wanted to kill Him. It’s no different today. When people hear the truth of God’s word, they either accept or reject Jesus. For those who reject Jesus will become angry the more they hear the gospel. It hasn’t changed. It’s the same as in the first century. But they can do now is to yell crucify Him.

Crain Blanchard.

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