My third Son’s Wedding.

Over the Easter weekend was my third son’s wedding. It has been raining in south Louisiana for weeks. Cold front have been coming through back to back. It has been unusual. Last Tuesday a front came through. We were praying for good weather for the wedding. We went to set up at her father’s house in the country. He has a beautiful home nestled on 35 acres in a forest. It’s a beautiful place. Thursday it poured down at his house. Friday we went to set up and it rained again. But before we left the sun came out. The ceremony Saturday was simple and beautiful, underneath a spreading oak tree. They said their vows to each. At the reception, which was on the covered deck on the back of the house, they serve boiled crawfish and all the fixings. They had cake and other sweets. My son was nervous and the bride was beautiful. I’ve known her for a year and I love her dearly. As they say, they are a cute couple and will do well together. God blessed us with a wonderful daughter-in-law. God bless my family.

Crain Blanchard.

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