Christ from the Beginning.

Paul was writing to the church at Colossae. He had never been there, but had heard of their faith in Jesus. The book of Colossians is about fighting heresy. We don’t fight against flesh and blood. We fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. How do we fight, with the word of God. We speak the truth in love. Remember the word of God is a two edged sword that cuts both ways. Paul reminded the Colossians who they were in Christ. Also, he told them who Jesus is and what God did for all mankind. You have to remember that our bible wasn’t printed until 1543 AD. They could only use the old testament as a reference. So, Paul wrote letters to each church to explain, encourage and exhort saints to stay on the path of righteousness. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. As God had planned, these letters became the new testament. What we are to learn or remember is who we were, what God has done for us and where we are going. Colossians 1.

Crain Blanchard.

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