The Day of the Lord.

Paul writing to the Thessalonians a second time about the coming of Jesus Christ. The Thessalonians were bring persecuted and needed to be reminded of the hope of His coming. Several things has to happen before Jesus returns. The first thing is the falling away, then the man of sin is revealed, who sits in the temple as God. Jesus will return and consume him with the spirit of His month, the word of God. Believers will not be decieved by the strong delusion that God will send that people will believe the lie. Paul said you believe the truth and are loved by God. The Holy Spirit is sanctifying you through the word of God. This was written 2000 years ago, but it is true today as it was then. Just because you are persecuted for your faith and hope, take comfort that it has happened before and they walked through it with the Holy Spirit as our guide. And no one can take us out of the hand of God. Jesus is coming soon. So, be ready for His return because no one knows the day or time.

Crain Blanchard.

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