Doing the Word of God.

Paul had written to the Thessalonians because of the tribulation. He wrote how to deal with it and to wait patiently from the return of Jesus. Also, he wrote about people he called disorderly. They aren’t working and have become busybodies. Paul said to exhort them. And if they will not hear you, have no company with them, that they will be ashamed. Paul said to deal with them as brothers. The Thessalonians were only a few months in the Lord, but Paul was saying it is time to be busy about the gospel. And that is what the word of God is saying to us. It is time to be busy about the gospel in our lives. To reach out to a lost and dying world, right next door to us. The Word of God is to be read, prayed about, then to go do it. Jesus is the example for all mankind.

Crain Blanchard.

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