God’s will vs. Your will.

Ezra lived under the law. Because the grace of God comes through Jesus Christ. Ezra had returned to Jerusalem to find out that the ruler, princes of Israel, had married heathens. And they were practicing worship of idols. Ezra sought God. He tore his clothes and lay before God the whole day. The people gathered for evening prayers. Ezra got up and began to preach the gospel. He recounted why Israel was taken captive in the first place. Then he talked about how in God’s mercy, He brought a remnant home to Jerusalem. Now you choose to sin against God again. God’s will is spelled out in the bible. It is exact. If you stray from it, how do you expect to survive. For the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life. God says choose life.

Crain Blanchard.


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