The Call of Ezra.

In chapter 10, Ezra called for all the men of the captivity to gather at Jerusalem in front of the temple. He said any man that would not come would be separated from Israel and not have part with God’s promise. Every man showed up. As Ezra said many of you have taken strange wives (wives of other nations) and worshiping other gods. Today you have to separate yourself from the wives and children. Because this was a sin before God and we need to correct it, to repent. Priest and religious leaders had taken strange wives. They could not perform their duty before God because of it. Some men had children but they still had to separate themselves from their wives and their children. Then all Israel repented before God. This is the call of God. You can’t decide what you want. You have to surrender and let God have His way. God’s way is perfect and simple to follow. Ezra’s call was God’s call.

Crain Blanchard.

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