Watchman on the Wall.

In Nehemiah 4, the Israelites heard what the people of the land were going to do. They prepared to fight against the Israelites to stop them from building the temple and the walls. Nehemiah gathered all to the temple and prayed that God would stop the attack on them and put it on the people of the land. Nehemiah had everyone carry his sword as he built the walls. He divided them by night and day and by those building and those guarding the wall. If the trumpet sounded everyone would run to the call of the trumpet. This is our life. Jesus said if they hated me, how much more will they hate you. We are watchmen on the wall. We are to defend ourselves with the gospel. We are to carry our swords with us wherever we go and pray for God’s mercy and grace. Our swords are meant for use in the kingdom and in love. Remember, our swords are two-edged, dividing even soul and spirit. This is why we are to use them in love only. Be the watchman and live in God’s grace.

Crain Blanchard

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