In Nehemiah 7, the Israelites had finished the wall and the temple. But they hadn’t finished their homes. Nehemiah told them to keep the gates shut until the sun was high in the sky. There wasn’t a lot of people who had returned. Safety was still a concern. Then, Nehemiah began to record the people by families to prove they were Israeli. Some 42,000 people had returned with Nehemiah. Some were removed as priest because they couldn’t prove their lineage. In Judaism, your mother must be Jewish, to be a Jew. For the priesthood, your mother must be of the sons of Aaron. The sanctification of the people must begin to make oneself presentable to God. God is holy and we must cleanse hearts before God. The process takes a lifetime. It isn’t a onetime thing. We must be holy to enter into the presence of God. God called the Israelites home after their captivity. It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. But it is always simple.

Crain Blanchard.

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