Singing with thanksgiving and praise.

After the day of atonement, Nehemiah, ch.11,12, gathered the priests, levites, princes, rulers and all the people who returned from captivity together. The temple and the walls were completed. Everyone had been assigned and the journey had begun. It was time to begin living and working in the kingdom. Nehemiah had the singer’s to lead the people in worship and praise. There were people in front of the temple and on the walls around the city. And all began to sing with thanksgiving and praise. The sound of praise could be heard at a great distance. Once our temple has been set in order, we need to begin singing in our hearts with thanksgiving and praise. This is the only way to enter into God’s courts and stand before Him. Make a joyful noise so that everyone can hear, especially God. And there was joy in Jerusalem, the city of our great God and Father.

Crain Blanchard.

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