The small foxes spoil the vine.

Nehemiah had finished his work in Jerusalem. He told the king, he would stay for so long. So he had to make sure everything was going like it supposed to. Nehemiah was reading the word of God and saw where God commanded that Israel wasn’t to make a covenant or have anything to do with Moab or Ammon. Several priests had wives from there. Nehemiah called the Israelites together. He read the word of God to them. Then said the Israel had to separate themselves from strange wives. It was a process, but it was done. Nehemiah said why do you provoke God with sin. Didn’t our fathers go into captivity because of sin. Even the smallest sin will separate you from God. The smallest fox spoils the vine. God says he that knows to do good and doesn’t, to him it is sin.

Crain Blanchard.

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