Jesus at Passover.

Jesus remained in Galilee until the rainy season ended in the spring. At this time every believer would go up to Jerusalem. It was the Feast of Passover.
There are 3 feast in which every believer must attend. Passover, Pentecost and Feast of Tabernacles. When Jesus and his disciples arrived in Jerusalem, there were Jews from all over the world. Though God had provided in the Law for believers to share their homes with traveling brethren, there wasn’t much space left. This time of year in Israel, the temperature is very moderate and the skies are clear. So it wouldn’t be unusual for someone to camp out. Jesus chose a beautiful spot on the Mount of Olives, The garden of Gethsemane.
So much has happened on that hill. It is on the east side of Jerusalem overlooking the temple, just outside the Golden Gate. Even to this day, the city of Jerusalem inside the walls are made out of a certain stone. When the light from the sun hits the stones, it turns a sparkling pink. From the Mount of Olives, you can see the Golden crown of the Temple. Imagine in you mind, early morning in Jerusalem as the sun rises in the east. The city begins to stir. The priests prepare the Temple for the sacrifices and you are standing next to Jesus on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the city of our King. The beautiful colors, the sweet smelling sacrifices and worship in the Temple. O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem! The beauty of the whole earth. John 2.

Crain Blanchard.

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