Jesus in Jerusalem.

On the opposite side of Jerusalem is the Valley of Hinnon. It is just the opposite of the Mount of Olives. This is where the children of Israel built altars to Baal and high places to every idol. It is also where Golgatha is located. No wonder, this valley is called in Hebrew, Gehenna (hell).(Rev.19,20).
God is not unrighteous toward any man. In the Law, God provided for every family to be able to sacrifice an offering at the Temple. If you couldn’t afford a lamb or goat, you could offer turtle doves, as did Joseph and Mary.
At this time the Sadducees were in power as the priests and High Priests. They were in the ministry for the money and power. The Sadducees had set up, inside the Temple walls, their bankers, money changers, dove and lamb sellers and any other merchant that would go with each appropriate feast.
Jesus and his disciples walked down from the Mt. of Olives to the Temple. As they entered into the courtyard, there were the Sadducees’ people selling merchandise. Jesus became angered by this abomination. He pick up a 3 fold cord, not easily broken, and begins to chase these thieves out of his Father’s house. Then the Sadducees asked Jesus by what authority do you do this.?
After Jesus stood up to the Sadducees in the temple, a chief Rabbi, Rav Nicodemas came to Jesus to question him. For a man to be a rabbi, he literally had to memorize the bible. Nicodemas and the true religious leaders knew that a Messiah was coming and the time was right for Him.
So Nicodemas came to question Jesus about this very thing. There on the Mt. of Olives, one evening Nicodemas asked Jesus, “Are you the one, or are we to look for another?” Jesus began to explain how a man can enter the kingdom of God. He literally answered all of Nicodemas’ questions and from that point, he believed. John 2.

Crain Blanchard.

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