Herod Antipas rules in Jerusalem.

Herod Antipas and his adulterous wife got very tired of John the Baptist calling them adulterers in public. They decided to imprison John. Herod knew that the people regarded John as a prophet, so he was careful not to harm him.
John, like any other God-fearing, Bible believing Jew, was looking for the kingdom of God. Not seeing it physically established, he sent one of his disciples to Jesus to ask him why not. Jesus said, “Tell John what you see and hear, that the kingdom of God is being established in the hearts and minds of the people.”
During one of Herod’s palace parties, his step-daughter, Salome danced for him. He liked it so much, that he offered her anything up to half of his kingdom. Herod’s wife told her to ask for John’s head on a platter. Reluctantly, Herod agreed.
Jesus stayed in Judea until the first rains. He then went home to Galilee. On his way home, he took a detour straight through Samaria. To us it doesn’t seem unusual, but to a Jew it was next to blasphemy. the Jews considered the Samaritans, dogs or outcast pagans. The attitude the Jews had toward the Samaritans is not an uncommon one amongst God fearing Bible believing people. John 2.

Crain Blanchard.


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