Later Judean Ministry.

This series of blogs are about the life of Jesus in chronological order. Jesus now had walk 2 1/2 years in His ministry. Jesus knew what was going to happen in Jerusalem, but he set his face to do the will of the Father. Luke 9:51.
Rejection by the Samaritans. Matt.19:1; Luke 9:51-56; John 7:10.
Jerusalem – Feast of Tablenacles. John 7:10-39.
John 7:37 “If any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” During the Feast the men would fast and not drink anything.
Jerusalem – Adulterous woman. John 7:10-39.
Jesus stoop down to the ground, then began to teach the teachers in front of the people. He humiliated the teachers. The woman was saved, she made Jesus Lord. John 8:6-11.
Jerusalem – Jesus healed a man born blind. No one in Israel had ever healed a man born blind. This is one of the signs of the Messiah. The religious leaders were trying to find something wrong with Jesus, but they couldn’t. John 9:1-41.

Jerusalem – Discourse on the Good Shepherd. Jesus said that those Jews who picked up stones to kill him were not of his fold.
Shepherd and Sheep:
Sheep -fold – all the flocks.
flock – many tribes.
tribes – smallest group.
Jesus is the head shepherd over the fold: Heb13:20;
1 Peter 5:4; Psalms 23.
Rod – protection club – thrown.
Staff – guidance.
“My sheep hear my voice…” Sheep only respond to their shepherd’s voice. John 10:1-21.

Crain Blanchard.

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