The Church growing.

God never design the church to be just in Israel. The plan has always been to be a light to the world. So that the world would believe. God had to disperse the church through persecution. The apostles and believers spread out into the world to preach the gospel. One of the most unusual things that God did was to convert the church’s arch enemy, Saul of Tarsus. And God made Paul one of the leading apostles.

Time:34-35AD. Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem.

Ch.9:32-43 Peter at Lydda and Joppa: Tabitha raised from the dead.
Ch.10 Peter and Cornelius.

Time:35-40AD. Conversion of Cornelius.

Ch.11:1-18 The apostles approve Peter’s action.

Apostles: Simon the zealot and Judas Thaddeus went to Armenia.

Time: 42AD. Reception of gentiles at Antioch.

Apostles: Judas Thaddeus went to Syria and was killed in 43AD.

Ch.11:19-30 Antioch: the first gentile church.

Time: 44AD. Paul’s second visit to Jerusalem.

Ch.12 Death of James, imprisonment of Peter, Herod’s death.

Apostles: James the elder killed in Jerusalem.

Apostles: Matthew went to Persia.

Apostles: Thomas Didymas went to Babylon, then to India in 52AD.
Ch.13-14. Barnabas and Saul(Paul) sent out, the first missionary journey.

Crain Blanchard.

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