The First Church council.

Paul and Barnabus went on a missionary trip. They went to Asia Minor. When they returned to Antioch, believers from Jerusalem came to see the work. While there, they started saying that the new converts needed to be circumcised and follow the law of Moses. Paul disputed it with them. He said that they weren’t Jews and only needed to follow the covenant of Noah or the way. This brought on the first church council in Jerusalem. All the leaders of the church gathered in Jerusalem. It was decided that the new converts only needed to follow the covenant of Noah and become the followers of the way, the truth and the life.

Time: 45-48AD. Paul’s first missionary journey, Galatia.

Ch.13:1-12 Cyprus.
Ch.13:13-62 Antioch.
Ch.14:1-7 Iconium.
Ch.14:8-20 Lystra, Derbe.
Ch.14:21-28 Return to Antioch.
Ch.15:1-35 The council at Jerusalem.

Time:50AD. The council at Jerusalem.

Ch.15:36-41 Paul and Barnabas separate over John Mark. Barnabas and John Mark go to Cyprus. Paul and Silas go to Galatia.

Crain Blanchard.

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