The Church: Every day life.

Paul, Silas and Luke were in Philippi. They were staying at Lydia’s house. Since there were no synagogues in Philippi, Paul and the group would go to the river to pray. For several days, a women possessed with a devil of divination followed them. She would say these men are servants of God and knew the way of salvation. Paul being grieved commanded that the devil come out of her. The devil departed. The woman was a slave and earned her master’s a lot of money. Now that was gone. Her master’s raised the city against Paul. So much so, that they arrested Paul and group. The beat them with many stripes and throw them in prison. Paul and the disciples were praising God and singing. When about midnight there was an earthquake. All the doors opened and all the chains fell off all the prisoners. The chief jailer saw this and drew his to kill himself. When Paul cried out that they were still there. The jailer fell on his knees and asked what must he do to be saved. Paul said, believe on the Lord Jesus. He and his household believed. He brought Paul and disciples out and washed their wounds and feed them. In the morning, the magistrates who put them in prison, wanted to release them. That’s when Paul told them that they were Roman’s. They came and begged them to depart in peace. To beat or imprison a Roman without trial meant death to anyone. Paul, Silas and Luke departed in peace. Just another day in the life of a Christian.

Crain Blanchard.

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