The Church: Paul’s 2nd Missionary journey.

After Paul and Barnabas had split up, he took Silas and others north to Asia Minor. As he traveled the Holy Ghost wouldn’t let him preach there. Finally, God gave him a vision of man praying, asking him to come to Macedonia. Paul and his group boarded a ship bound for Macedonia. Eventually, ending in Philippi. Apparently there was no synagogue. So Paul, Silas and Luke went to the river outside of town to pray. There he met Lydia, the bible says a seller of purple. Only wealthy people could afford purple material. So it is saying that she was wealthy. She was a believer. She listen to Paul preach the gospel and believed. Lydia, the bible says, constained Paul and other to stay in her house. This is the beginning of Paul’s 2nd missionary journey. Acts 16.

Crain Blanchard.

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