The Church: Paul Captured.

Paul knew if he went to Jerusalem, he was going to be captured by the Jews. God told him to go. Paul arrived in Jerusalem and greeted the saints. He told them about his missionary trips, how God had moved and built churches in every city. Everyone was concerned for Paul’s safety. Paul knew that he was supposed to do this. He didn’t care what was going to happen, because God had a plan. Sure enough, Paul went to the temple. People recognized him and threw him out of the temple. They tried to kill him. The Romans stopped them. Paul on the steps of the Roman fort, spoke to the people. He gave his defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The people tried to take Paul from the Romans. The Romans moved Paul inside the fort. That is when they found out that Paul was a Roman citizen. As bad as it got, Paul was still ready and willing to defend the gospel. He would go anywhere to preach the good news. Jesus’s last command to the disciples was, go into all the world and preach the gospel. All the apostles did that very thing, including Paul. What does that say to you?

Crain Blanchard.

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