The Church: An Attempt on Paul’s life.

Paul went to Jerusalem. He was taken captive. The Romans stopped the riot that was caused when Paul was in temple. The Romans took Paul into fortress because the Jews wanted to kill Paul. About 40 men brought a plan to the religious leaders, saying they wouldn’t eat or drink until the killed Paul. They wanted the religious leaders to have the Romans bring Paul to the Council. Paul’s nephew found out about it and told the Romans. The chief captain of the Romans had about 500 men take Paul to the governor Felix at Caesarea. He wrote to the governor and told him about Paul being a roman. Paul didn’t know that it would be this entailed. But he was going to follow the plan no matter what. When things blow up in our lives, what do we do? Are we willing to follow the plan of God or do we have to do it? Paul knew that there was a real possibility that he could be killed. But he choose God’s plan. Acts 23.

Crain Blanchard.

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