The Church: The end of the 1st Century.

Psalms 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. By this time, Paul was martyred. Peter was in Rome, John in Ephesus. Most of the 12 Apostles have been martyred. There is a cost for preaching the word of God. To preach effectively, you must surrender your life to God. Even if it cost you your life. If you give your life to God, which everyone does at salvation, your life isn’t your own. You were bought with a price, Jesus. The apostles went about doing what God wanted them to do. The Timeline until the end of the 1st Century:

Epistle: 1 Peter – 66AD. written by Peter after Paul killed. Peter was in Rome with John Mark (1Pet.5:13; 2 Tim.4:11). Because of Paul’s death and Nero’s persecution, Peter wrote to the churches about fiery trials that come upon you and growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus. Peter sent the letter by Silas.

Epistle: 2 Peter – 67AD. written by Peter just before his death. He wrote a 2nd letter. This was addressed to the same people. Nero’s persecution was stronger than ever. Here Peter writes about making sure of our salvation, election and calling, the coming apostasy and the Lord’s coming. Peter was martyred not long after he wrote the epistle.

Epistle: Jude – 67 AD. Jude was the brother of Jesus. He wrote a warning to the Churches of Asia Minor. They should earnestly content for the faith and to complete the work the Father has given us to do.

Gospel: John – 90 AD. written by John at Ephesus.

Epistles: 1, 2, 3 John – 90 AD. written by John at Ephesus. John was living in Ephesus. There was a heresy growing, that said if your spirit is saved, you could live any way you wanted to. John wrote to the Churches, if we have fellowship with God, our lives will line up to the Word of God, to continue in the truth, not being deceived and truth and love will overcome pride and strife.

Epistle: Revelation – 96 AD. written by John at Ephesus after released from Patmos. He wrote this letter to the Churches in Asia Minor. He wrote of his vision of the Glorified Jesus, Christ’s message to the 7 Churches, about the Great Tribulation and the Eternal State of the Saints.

Crain Blanchard.

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