The Church: the Prison Epistles.

Paul was imprisoned in Rome for more than 2 years. Since he went to Jerusalem, it was about 5 years. Caesar did hear Paul preach the gospel. Paul was released after about 2 years. Only to be arrested again and this time martyred. During that 2 years of imprisonment, Paul wrote his letters, epistles to the churches. They are known as the Prison Epistles. With God’s plan, you are called to a specific place and time. God wants something in your life to occur, which in turn effects those around you. And if you are not there, those people around you will not be affected. Whether it’s to pray for healing, deliverance or salvation. God uses us to bring about His plan. God can use somebody else, but it takes time. Think about how long it took God to get you to do something.

Epistle: Prison Epistles:

Ephesians - Paul wrote to the Ephesians about being in Christ Jesus. Who you are in Christ and then what to do because you are in Christ. We as believers are one in Christ.

Philippians - Paul wrote to the Philippians to express his love and appreciation of their support of his ministry. The Philippian church was an example of what a church is suppose to be.

Colossians - Epaphras of the Colossea church came to Paul and told him of a heresy spreading in his church. Paul wrote them about the deity and Lordship of Jesus. The best way to meet error or heresy is to emphasize the truth. Controversy wins few converts.

Philemon - Paul wrote to his friend and brother in the Lord, Philemon, to accept back his runaway slave, Onesimus. Onesimus ran away to Rome. Paul found him there. Onesimus received Jesus and became a faithful worker with Paul. Paul sent Onesimus back  to Philemon as a brother in the Lord. Just as Jesus reconciles us back to God.

2 Timothy - Pastoral Letter. Nero began persecuting the Church. Paul was arrested and condemned to death. He wrote Timothy the last letter to instruct ministers on how to stand, a challenge to endure and to be faithful in the face of trials; to be instant in season and out. 

Crain Blanchard.

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