Romans ch.3 The Sins of the Whole World.

The Sins of the Whole World – From the beginning man was a sinner. There was no righteousness found in man. God called the Jews to have a people to show the world that there is a God of all. The law was given to convict the world of their sins. So with or with out the law, man is a sinner. Man must be righteous in the sight of God to be justified before Him. By His grace, we were given the gift from God to justify us, Jesus Christ the righteous. Then through faith in Jesus, his righteousness is accounted to us. We are born in sin and it corrupts everything we know. Did you ever wonder why a baby knows how to lie, cheat and steal. It is because of our sin nature. Thank God, He doesn’t attribute sin to us until we reach the age of reason. Which is about puberty. But at that point, we become responsible for our sin. That is why it is so hard to reach a teenager. God is the only one that can draw people to Himself. We preach the gospel and pray and let God draw all men to Himself.

Crain Blanchard.

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