1 Corinthians Ch.14,15,16 – Gifts of Spirit, Resurrection, Contributions.

1 Corinthians 14 – After you have the love of God, Jesus, in you, desire the spiritual gifts. Prophesy being the greatest gift. When you speak in tongues, you are speaking unto God, and edify yourself. When you prophesy, you are speaking unto men, the church and are edifying them.
vs.12 – Be jealous for spiritual gifts.
vs.13-17 – Pray in the Spirit and with understanding.
vs.18 – I pray in the Spirit more than you all.
vs.21 – God said in Isaiah 28:11,12 – through men with other tongues will I speak to the people.
vs.22 – Tongues are a sign to the unbeliever. Prophesy is a sign to the believer.
1 Corinthians 15 – Resurrection.
vs.3 “….how Christ died for our sins.” Ps.22:15; Isaiah 53:5,6.
vs.4 “….he was buried….” Isaiah 53:9.
vs.4 “….he rose on the third day….” Ps.16:10; Isa. 53:10; Hos.6:2
vs.5-8 – Jesus has called us to be witnesses of the resurrection.
vs.9-19 -Some don’t believe in the resurrection. The resurrection is one of the primary parts of our faith. Without it, we have no salvation. On the other hand, some want the resurrected life, but not the crucified life. The crucifixion came before the resurrection. Gal.2:20.vs.20-23 – Christ the first born of many brethren. Ex.13:2,13; Romans 8:29;
vs.24-28 – Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, all things, powers, principalities, authority, rulers, everything has been put under the subjection of Jesus. Then, Jesus gives it all to the Father, that the Father may be all in all. Paul said if Christ didn’t rise from the dead then everything we do is in vain.
1 Corinthians 16 – Contributions for the Church at Jerusalem.
vs.13,14 – Standing in Faith.

Crain Blanchard


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