2 Corinthians Ch.1 – Vindication.

Church at Corinth – Acts 18:1-17.
Judaizers –
1) Bring them to a point of understanding about the gospel.
2) Exhortation about their responsibility and faithfulness in giving.
3) Let the Corinthians know that he had the authority from God as an apostle.
Written from Macedonia.
3rd letter to the Corinthians.
Ch.1-7 – Personal vindication of Paul’s Ministry.
Ch.1 – The promises of God given to us.

2 Corinthians 1 – vs.3,4 – The things that God gives us are to be shared with everyone, like comfort, mercy and love. vs.6 – Our experience, comfort, is for the edifying and building up of the brethren. Paul said that the Corinthians shared in all that he did. vs.20 – The promises of God preached to the Corinthians are Yea and Amen. vs.21-24 – God has given us all things and the outward sign of this is the Holy Spirit. Paul said he did come to them with a rod, so that they would correct themselves by his exhortation, for by faith we stand.

Crain Blanchard.


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