The reality of Christianity#17.

I began reading Psalms.  God stop me at Psalm 23.  He told me to study this particular psalm. He was going to base my instruction about it.  As I read and learned the Psalm,  I saw the God was leading me where he wanted me to go. It wasn’t my choice. He knew where I needed to go. God’s ways are higher than ours. We need to follow even if no one else is going our way. At first everything was normal and predictable. Then God led me into a dark place. What I didn’t realize at first was that God was showing me my heart. He needed to get me to a place to see what was in my heart. It’s call The Valley of the shadow of death. Then God let me out again. I didn’t like it and sometimes it was hard.  But I knew that I had to walk there to empty my heart. Life isn’t always fair but God has gone before us to make straight the paths.  What we need to do is follow. And be willing to allow God to cleanse our heart. He is the shepherd and we are the sheep of his flock. The sheep know their shepherd and follow. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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