The reality of Christianity#18.

Last year our church have an outreach to our city. We had a Christmas dinner for everyone. About 400 people showed up. We are a small church. But everyone helped out. People donated turkeys, hams, and all the fixings. We were concerned that we wouldn’t have enough. But God had planned it. It was more than enough.  Nobody skipped a beat.  Everyone went to work. And I believe it was a success. Even the Mayor and Police Chief were there and helped serve food. It’s like that old song, little is much when God is in it. The people from our city had smiles on there face and every member of our church had a smile from ear to ear. We started planning the for beginning of next November.  It’s the 6th time we have done this. God didn’t require more than what we had. Because He knew it was enough. That is all God is asking for. It’s just you. This is the reality of Christianity.  

Crain Blanchard. 

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