Hindered Prayers

The bible is quite specific about God listening to prayers. God doesn’t hear the sinner, except for the prayer for salvation. All God has ever wanted is fellowship with man. Adam walked with God in the garden of Eden. Cain and Abel both talked to God, until Cain killed Abel. When God chose the Israelites as a people, they could if they would, talk to God. Most people don’t want to talk to God. Because it means shining God’s light on our lives. This is where you see everything, including all the flaws. But God has had a people, who would talk to Him no matter what. These people, we would call prayer warriors, because they have God’s ear. The bible says that we first must believe that He is and a rewarder of them that diligently seek God. it also says that if we believe that He hears us, we have the petitions we ask of Him. But, if we harbor unforgiveness in our heart, it will block our prayers. The bible says that if you are going to church and your brother has ought against you, go to that brother and be reconciled. Then come to church and offer your prayers and gifts. It also says that if a husband is angry with his wife or the wife with the husband, it will cancel out their prayers. No one who is in sin can approach God with any prayer, unless it is the prayer asking for forgiveness. There are many ways to hinder your prayers, but only one for God to hear you. That is the prayer of repentance from sin.

Crain Blanchard.



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