The Prayer…of Salvation.

Although, from our youth, we hear the voice of God, there comes a time we must answer the call of God to come home. A lot of people pray all sorts of prayers. The first prayer that God will listen and respond to is the prayer of salvation. This is when you sincerely ask God to forgive your sins and live in your heart. This begins a relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The gospel has been preached for 6000 years. I am sure that Adam preached the gospel. Did you know that Adam wrote down the covenant he had with God, the gospel? In Egypt, the Levites taught from the book of Noah. They had dedicated themselves to the study and teaching of the gospel. This is why God chose them to carry the ark and tabernacle. There has always been a people who trusted and believed God. We love convenience. How many bibles do you have in your house? I have about 20, different versions. But the prayer of salvation is where you begin your journey with God.
Crain Blanchard.

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