Your Secret Place.

Growing up I always had a secret place. We had cedar trees in our backyard. They were close to 100 feet tall. I would climb to the top of the tree and sit in the fork in the branches. It was above the roofline of our house. I could see all around. The breeze would blow, and I couldn’t hear anyone or any noises. The birds would fly by and chirp. It was just me and God. I climbed as often as I could. Because I wanted the peace and the presence of God. As I got older, I seemed to have lost what I had gained. I didn’t climb any more. I was too old or too big. After my parents died, we sold the property. And that was that. I missed the peace that I had found there. It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to God, that I found the peace again. My journey had been up and down with a wife and sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. But I still have a place where I can go to be alone with God and the peace is still there. I go there often. That place is my prayer closet. And I am there when I close my eyes and pray.
Crain Blanchard.

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