God’s Love for Mankind.

Everybody talks about love. There are many movies made about love, but not one of them actually knows what they are talking about. The drive for sex isn’t love. If people would know how they wreak their lives with unmarried sex, they would leave it alone. Love can be seen in this world. People don’t even know that when an act of kindness is done it is love. Showing gentleness toward a person is love. Being longsuffering toward an idiot is love. Giving a person a hand-up is love. Rejoicing with a person who has accomplish a goal is love. Weeping with a person who has suffered loss is love. Providing food, clothing or shelter for the poor is love. Doing for someone without expecting a return is love. Love doesn’t fail, it bears all things, believes for all things, hope for all things and endures all things. If you want a good example of love all you have to do is look at God. God loves man unconditionally. And man has done everything they could to destroy the love of God. Yet God still loves us. This is true love.
Crain Blanchard.

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