A Kind Word.

In proverbs, Solomon wrote that a kind word turns away anger. But angry words stirs up trouble. If you wonder why people get angry when you speak, listen to what you are saying. I’m not suggesting that all you say is wrong. But speaking in anger never solves anything. Even if you are right. Solomon wrote a lot of proverbs about speaking and closing your mouth. He said a wise man knows when to keep his mouth shut. He also said a fool will not listen, no matter what you say. Both old and new testament say, don’t cast you perils before swine. It’s learning to keep your mouth shut. Now the only person who can control you tongue is the Holy Ghost. Our teacher that resides in every Christian. Now it is letting Him have His way in our lives. Then nothing comes out of your mouth that you will regret for years to come. Today, have a kind word for someone new. Open a door or hold the elevator door and pass on kindness.

Crain Blanchard.



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