What do you feel?

I feel fine. I feel like a cold is coming on. I feel like dying. I feel, I feel, I feel. Feelings aren’t real. It is a temporary state of mind. It comes and goes. Reality isn’t shaped by feelings. It’s shape or formed by faith. What you believe becomes real in your life. Because as you believe so are you. It’s funny how many people trust in feelings. But their life isn’t what they want. We have a free will and decide what we are going to do. And you can’t blame anybody else for what you decide to do. Whether you are a Christian or not. You choice comes from your heart and not your feelings. It is fun to have good feelings, but like I said they are temporary and don’t last any time. So, you can feel good one moment and feel bad the next. Remember your heart rules. So make good choices with your life. And there is help in Jesus for any problems you run across. Now, I feel better.

Crain Blanchard.



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