Peter, the Fisherman

Peter was among the first to be chosen by Jesus. Most people would look at Peter as a blue collar worker. But he owned his own business. He was in partnership with Zebedee, the father of John and James. After Jesus died, Peter pastored the church in Jerusalem. He was a man with a lot of common sense. But he had issues, he denied Jesus. He didn’t travel a lot. He went to Antioch to see what Paul was doing. But he stayed close to home until Paul was imprisoned. He had heard about the churches in Asia Minor being persecuted. So, he wrote to them to encourage them. Peter talked about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Then he talked about the fiery trials we go through. Then he talked about our salvation. The one that we have when we endure to the end. Peter wasn’t any different than we are. He believed and trusted Jesus with his life. It didn’t make him invincible. It made him a child of God.

Crain Blanchard.

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