Leaving us an Example.

We having the word of God since the beginning of time, should know how to act. But man seems to need correction every 40 or 50 years. Although, there have been people who lived the life through out the ages. The ones that get the most attention are the sinners. Why? Why can’t man learn without trying to burn down everything? It has a lot to do with our free will. Something that Adam acquired for us through his sin. God sent Jesus don’t only to die for our sins, but to show us how to live God’s life here on earth. He is our example. Jesus lived the life on earth without the power of God. Remember, He left it and His glory in heaven to become a man. He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost to do the ministry. Which God gives to every minister who ask. Jesus is our example on earth and in heaven. And all we have to do is follow it. 1 Peter 2.

Crain Blanchard.



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