James, the Lesser.

There were 2 James in the church in Jerusalem. James, the son of Zebedee, was killed by the religious leaders, when he came back from Spain. James the Lesser was the son of Alpheaus. Otherwise known as joseph. James was Jesus’s younger brother. He was an apostle in the church at Jerusalem. His letter was written to believers abroad. He wanted to encourage and warn them. He started off by talking about persecution. He said to be joyful because God is with us. Then if you need wisdom ask God, who will give it freely. But ask in faith. God will not answer you any other way. Then he said be not a respecter of persons. God sees the heart not the outside. Then he talked about God giving us good and perfect gifts. James knew that God uses persecution to test and refine our faith. It is never meant to destroy us. It is just another storm, which we can walk through. By faith, we as believers, can weather any storm and reach out to people in need, no matter who they are. Because we are the faithful of God. James 1,2.

Crain Blanchard.



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