How prayer works…

Prayer is talking to God. So, how does prayer work? God said that we must seek Him, for God to come to us. Then is it just saying whatever comes to mind? If we find God what is the next step? God said that He will only listen to the prayer of repentance first. He will not listen to anything else. So, then we ask for forgiveness and that’s it? God said to seek Him and then the rest will be added to us. So, we ask for forgiveness and seek Him, then what? Then we ask according to His will and God will answer. What is the will of God? God’s will is salvation, healing, deliverance and prosperity. So, if we seek God, he will add all of heaven to us. Prayer isn’t just talking, it’s doing the word of God. So, I guess I have to read the bible to find out how I’m suppose to live on this earth. Effective prayer is a lifestyle. It’s walking and talking with God. Then you know your prayers are answered.

Crain Blanchard.

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