What is your Word worth?

What is your word worth? Especially, when you tell God you will do something. The bible says it is better that you were never born, than to break a vow to God. In Ecclesiastes, it says that God will take everything that you have and you are. When did I make a vow to God? When you told God that you would do something if He helped you. The words in your mouth are as important as your actions. Because your words come from your heart. And there is no escaping what you say. God would rather you make no vows at all, than to break them. Those that God has given much to, are required to do much in the kingdom of God. If he gave you faith to believe, then He requires you to believe for other people who can’t. If your prayers reach the throne, then it is required of you to reach the throne for others. All of our gifts are for this world of lost and dying people. Look around, this world is lost and dying, not because of the Corona virus. It’s because they don’t know God and His son Jesus Christ. In Matthew 5:37, it says, let your communication be, Yea,Yea:Nay,Nay: for whatsoever is more than these, comes of evil.

Crain Blanchard.


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