To humble yourself before God.

What does it mean to humble yourself before God? You know how much you want to do things on your own. You have confidence in yourself and your abilities. But the one thing that you can’t do is come to God in your own strength. We don’t have the power or the abilities to stand before God. Being a Christian isn’t what you can for God. It is what God can do through us. The more God uses you in the work of kingdom, the closer you are to God. To get close to God you have to humble yourself. I don’t write this blog. If God wouldn’t give me the information and show me how to write, this blog wouldn’t get written. I have my part to play in this. I have to study His word and pray. Jesus teaching on the sermon on the mount, talked about what it is to a believer. In Matthew 5:38-42, He said to humble yourself to be used of God. In Roman’s 12:20, God said it you fed your enemies or give them water, you heap coals on their head. They are convicted of sin. This is why God wants us to humble ourselves before Him and the world.

Crain Blanchard.

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